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Taha Ahmed befde57290 Added GPL v3 license file 4 months ago
Taha Ahmed d331ad27b8 Renamed the repo and moved the RGB/CMYK sty files to their own as
suggested in this issue:

+ updated paths in README to reflect new remote repo etc.
4 months ago
Taha Ahmed facfcdadf7 Make the author contributions outro visually smaller
Smaller font size and more preceding vspace
6 months ago
Taha Ahmed ef2daad757 Moved caption package to document (what was it doing here in the
first place?).

+ simply removed the \@makecaption low-level definitions as they
  were interfering with our ability to use \captionsetup{...}
  inside the mdframed environment (the low-level definitions
  always ended up overriding any local captionsetup).
  I don't see much point to these low-level definitions, they
  can be fairly well replicated with captionsetup anyway.
7 months ago
Taha Ahmed bc9cbb76ef These custom lists are pointless in my opinion. Plus they don't
allow the writer to add optional args to the custom environments
(the definitions would need to be rewritten from scratch to support
that, probably with xparse notation). Anyway, the default behaviour
of the itemize environment produces just the same results as
bulletlist-indent (as far as I can tell).
7 months ago
Taha Ahmed ba83966ffb Added support for ifprintedition package
9 months ago
Taha Ahmed c5cf5f1680 Created an "author's contributions" environment
to specify author's contributions to each paper included in the thesis.

+ deleted the commented out lines from the previous commit
11 months ago
Taha Ahmed 64a83713d5 Commented out hack that redefined cleardoublepage
I could see no effect with or without that hack.
Reasoning behind it was never documented it seems.
Whatever it was originally needed for probably no longer the case.
Feel free to remove the lines completely on next commit.
1 year ago
Taha Ahmed edf38643ab Changed title of list of contributions 2 years ago
Taha Ahmed c2430f316b Created env for "other contributions". Replaced decimal commas
with decimal points (not sure why LaTeX was not complaining about
that). Anyway, I can't see any changes in the document after
changing the decimal symbol here.
2 years ago
Taha Ahmed 16bf786c7f Included examples directory with colorchart posters
for easier reference of the colours.
4 years ago
Taha Ahmed f0e06b4d11 Confirmed that physical page size is correct when printed
Had to require package luatex85 in the Lua thesis.tex file (see notes in README and cls file).
Re-organised the README to make it easier to get started.
4 years ago
Taha Ahmed 6b14df2ebc Investigating issue with paper size not being correct 4 years ago
Taha Ahmed 29e5dc4ad0 hyperref defaults here were confusing the thesis author (me) 4 years ago
Taha Ahmed 95d5cc3f7c Lowercase roman for "list of papers"-counter
removed the quotation environment (we already use csquotes)
commented out custom font sizes for now (they don't work well with fonts other than class' default)
4 years ago
Taha Ahmed 4042ce61ee Depends on xcolor package 5 years ago
Taha Ahmed ee821afe22 Clarified README in preparation for public launch of repo. 5 years ago
Taha Ahmed 37fbd63861 Added some links that show where people suggest putting custom cls files 5 years ago
Taha Ahmed 118a210146 Added README 5 years ago
Taha Ahmed 5fd6f4628e Added my old UU colour schema packages. 6 years ago
Taha Ahmed a09a5ae77c Added compatibility=false to caption to make it work with subcaption. 6 years ago
Taha Ahmed 8c840e069a Merge branch 'lualatex' 6 years ago
Taha Ahmed 10080e9c43 Completed transfer of all non-XeTeX code to LuaUUThesis.cls. 6 years ago
Taha Ahmed 4a12f04459 Basic no-frills WORKING cls. 6 years ago
Taha Ahmed 63ead4424a Template for xelatex. I've done some mods compared to UU original template. 6 years ago