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Taha Ahmed 38db263a39 numbers2swedish() converts numbers into their spelled words in Swedish
Note that this is just a quick-and-dirty implementation, and the returned Swedish string is not grammatically correct in all cases.
4 years ago
Taha Ahmed 77ae28f0d4 Bumped version number. Cleaned up Rd files.
Added info and links to README.
5 years ago
Taha Ahmed cae4c711b3 Added function to convert *from* SHE.
Minor updates to RefCanonicalName(), including printing all options in a formatted table if no refname is specified.
6 years ago
Taha Ahmed 969244320c Added two functions: O2 solubility in water
from empirical fits, and one function that returns water vapour pressure (simply interpolates based on the previously available dataset).
6 years ago
Taha Ahmed 681e636bf4 Added water vapour pressure data,
and functions for converting torr <-> pascal.
7 years ago
Taha Ahmed 678a6ce4b7 Fixed circ dependency created in last commit
Goofed and declared dependency on photoec in previous commit. Fixed it by removing it and the non-exported function that used it.
Note to self: this package should not import any of my other packages.
7 years ago
TA a11f59eb22 Added function simpleCap() 7 years ago
Taha Ahmed 3f4462aae8 Added more data and squashed a few bugs. 7 years ago
Taha Ahmed 82f635f3a3 as.SHE() now supports arguments with arbitrary length.
Ended up completely rewriting as.SHE() and some of the companion functions.
7 years ago
Taha Ahmed 5d7230ebaf Completely reworked electrochemical scale converter
by adding a new family of functions.
Corrected package version number to dev. A few other smaller (older) changes.
7 years ago
Taha Ahmed e22546cb3c Refactored code into a rudimentary R package. 8 years ago