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Taha Ahmed 38db263a39 numbers2swedish() converts numbers into their spelled words in Swedish
Note that this is just a quick-and-dirty implementation, and the returned Swedish string is not grammatically correct in all cases.
4 years ago
Taha Ahmed 77ae28f0d4 Bumped version number. Cleaned up Rd files.
Added info and links to README.
5 years ago
Taha Ahmed f96a3dc92e Moved reference electrode converter functions and data to their own package.
Also removed vapour water functions that are already part of the water package.
5 years ago
Taha Ahmed bee42f9fd9 Reworked both from.SHE and as.SHE to resolve
the aforementioned bug and also some inconsistent behaviour when submitting a vector of potentials for certain electrode scales.
Both issues should be fixed now.
6 years ago
Taha Ahmed 878dcdc701 Fixed README file extension. 6 years ago