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% Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
% Please edit documentation in R/latex.R
\title{Generate LaTeX subfigure code}
mainlabel = "fig:mainfig",
perpage = 6,
ncol = 2,
landscape = FALSE
\item{images}{vector with full paths to images (png-files or other LaTeX-compatible format)
to be put in a LaTeX subfigure environment}
\item{subcaptions}{vector with subcaptions for each subfigure}
\item{mainlabel}{string with LaTeX label for the main figure environment
should be set individually if SubfigureGenerator() is called more than once from the same document}
\item{perpage}{maximum number of images on one page, one A4 page fits six images with subcaptions}
\item{ncol}{LaTeX subfigure is setup with ncol columns}
\item{landscape}{set this to TRUE if pages are set in landscape mode}
a string with LaTeX code
Generate LaTeX subfigure code for a bunch of supplied image paths,
subcaptions, label and subfigure layout.
Supports splitting the figures over several pages or using landscape layout.