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% Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
% Please edit documentation in R/latex-xtable.R
\title{Set the attributes for a generic xtable object}
nxtnames = NULL,
nxtdigits = NULL,
nxtdisplay = NULL,
nxtalign = NULL,
caption.text = "nxtcaption",
caption.label = "tab:nxtlabel"
\item{xtobject}{the xtable (table)}
\item{nxtnames}{vector of names (column names)}
\item{nxtdigits}{vector of digits (0 if column is non-numeric, numeric of desired number of digits otherwise)}
\item{nxtdisplay}{vector of display format [see formatC(format=...)]}
\item{nxtalign}{vector of LaTeX align (e.g., "l", "c", "r", "S[table-format=1.1]", ...)}
\item{caption.text}{string for the LaTeX caption text}
\item{caption.label}{string for the LaTeX reference label}
xtable object
This function helps you to set the attributes for an xtable
object. It returns an xtable object.
Sets names, digits, display, and align for the passed xtable object
xtabWithAttributes <- GenericXtableSetAttributes(xtobject)
xtabWithAttributes <- GenericXtableSetAttributes(xtobject, nxtdigits = c(0, 2, 2, 4))